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  • Swim Cap with Adjustable  Strap
    $19.99 Choose Options Swim Cap with Adjustable Strap
    A lycra liner allows this cap to easily slip on and off without snagging hair. The chin strap is simple and the velcro tabs will hold the cap in place even in the roughest water. The cap can be worn by itself or as a helmet...
  • Tri- Cal Sports Neoprene Tag Strap
    $6.00 Tri- Cal Sports Neoprene Tag Strap
    Tri-Cal sports neoprene tag strap is designed to hold your timing tag securely and comfortably to your ankle.
  • Tri-Cal Sports Race Belt
    $9.00 Tri-Cal Sports Race Belt
    Don't ruin your running jerseys with safety pins anymore. Attach your bib number directly to your racing belt and save time in the transitions area...
  • Tri-Cal Sports Swim Cap
    $24.00 Choose Options Tri-Cal Sports Swim Cap
    3mm swim cap made of stretchy neoprene rubber so there is no need for Velcro openings. The thin profile chin strap maximizes comfort, while minimizing chafing and breathing obstruction. This cap will add 3-5°F of water...